A Langley man has been appointed the new president and CEO of a faith organization that operates 21 senior-living communities across B.C., including three in White Rock. Marc Kinna was announced as the head of Baptist Housing in a news release issued Monday. He replaces departing CEO Howard Johnson.

Three Burnaby city councillors have resigned from the dominant Burnaby Citizens’ Association over disagreements regarding subsidized housing. Councillors Colleen Jordan, Paul McDonell and Dan Johnston submitted a joint letter of resignation on Wednesday, Feb. 5, Johnston said in an interview.

Video has surfaced of a 92-year-old mother confessing to shooting her 72-year-old son dead after he threatened to put her in a nursing home. Anna Mae Blessing was arrested last year for shooting her son Thomas dead. Blessing, who dies in November in hospice care while awaiting trial, says in a video interview with police that she had two guns stashed inside her dressing gown. She told police that as Thomas came towards her she fired multiple rounds at her only son. “I can’t remember the calibre, it was a good size one,” she said. “I backed up and I pulled the trigger, and it broke the mirror and I don’t know what I did. Then Tom was going to come at me again so I pulled the trigger … I’m sure the second round hit him.”

David Carr has given notice of his resignation as the Chief Executive Officer of the Manager of Vital Healthcare Property Trust.

Extendicare will nominate Samir Manji and Norma Beauchamp as directors at its upcoming annual general meeting to be held on May 30, 2019.

Sarah Reaume, who steps down this month as CEO of Habitat Sarnia-Lambton, is leaving the not-for-profit in a much different state than when she was hired in 2010. The charity was still mostly volunteer-run at that point, with one person working in the office and three working at a Re-Store operation in rented space on Christina Street that generated approximately $550,000 annually from selling donated building materials. At the time, Habitat for Humanity was creating homes for one or two low-income families locally every year or two. Today, it has a staff of 23 and creates homes for four or more families each year with the help of a small army of volunteers. Habitat moved to a building it bought on London Line in 2012, where the Re-Store now generates $1.3 million in annual sales, paying for the charity’s local operating and administrative costs while contributing $200,000 or more annually to its home-building program.

A contaminated salad containing duck meat is suspected of having killed five residents of a care home for the elderly in southern France. Four women and a man, aged from 76 to 95, died after eating the salad on Sunday night. In all, 20 people at the home near Toulouse suffered vomiting and other symptoms of food poisoning. Twelve of those taken ill are in hospital, but not in grave danger. The salad ingredients, including duck foie gras (pâté), are being examined.

A woman has been accused of deliberately putting spicy food in the meal of an elderly man while working as a caretaker at an aged-care facility. Kyra Johnson, 30, was arrested by police, following reports she fed an 81-year-old with dementia jalapeño peppers, despite her knowledge he was not accustomed to eating spicy food. Employees at the Village on the Park retirement home allegedly saw Ms Johnson “chop up and place a jalapeño pepper” in a portion of the man’s eggs and feeding them to him, even though he did not require assistance eating. Witnesses reportedly told police they saw the victim “fanning and gasping for air to cool his mouth” after unknowingly eating the jalapeño peppers. Employees alleged it was Ms Johnson’s intention to cause the man pain and suffering. A witness reportedly said: “I hope that is not hot” prior to the meal being served, with Ms Johnson allegedly replying: “I hope it is”. The man reportedly relied on help from employees in the memory care unit. Ms Johnson, who no longer works at the aged-care unit, was arrested and charged with abuse by a caretaker.